Your target market all in one room...

Do you have the solutions and expertise this maritime audience needs?

Can you provide cost effective solutions with demonstrable ROI?

This conference is where owners make their decisions on anti-piracy solutions and decide which experts to call when they need urgent support and advice. The constant anxiety for the industry when transiting high risk areas makes this event critical for owners to ensure they are investing wisely. They are hungry for updates on the latest expertise, guidance and support both with preventative measures as well as effective hijack management strategies. 

So what is the industry saying?

"I'm constantly bombarded with phone calls from numerous anti-piracy "experts". How can I select the anti-piracy solutions that are right for my fleet?"

Under one roof, your target market is waiting to select solutions to the challenges of piracy. This is your chance to create and strengthen customer relationships in person. This market is ONLY buying solutions from providers they trust and trust is built face to face.

"If we're attacked, who do I call to get expert advice??"

Naturally, owners will select people that they know and trust. What better platform to develop this bond than during the structured debates and informal networking sessions at the Combating Piracy Update, Hamburg.

Who will attend?

Key representatives from the Global Shipping Industry including:

  • CEO's from Shipping companies
  • Heads of Operations/Technical
  • DPA & CSO
  • Quality and Security Director
  • Marine Superintendent

Packed with interactive and networking sessions you are guaranteed knowledge sharing at the highest level. Bring plenty of business cards!

Miles Harley - Commercial Director, Combating Piracy

With over 11 years experience working with high value sponsorship clients, Miles specialises in understanding the immediate business needs of sponsors. He has advised over 2,000 sponsorship clients on 700+ events. Over the last year, he has worked with the leading companies in Oil and Gas, but has taken previously worked with many global clients such as BT, MasterCard, RBS, Deloitte Consulting, IBM and Nokia. Investments have ranged in value from £4,000 to £120,000. He has worked with sponsors across a broad range of events and industries, from large exhibitions to C-level briefings and has extensive experience working in Europe, Asia and USA. His extensive knowledge of what can be achieved with customised sponsorship solutions delivers sustainable long term results for clients. 

Miles Harley is available to discuss how we can work together to host this cutting edge event. Call Miles on 020 3141 8700 or email miles.harley@hansonwade.com